Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Burden Of Being Built Like Abbi Secraa

I was admiring the giant breasts of M-Cup Abbi Secraa this morning, and while watching a video of her walking outside like any other girl, I began to wonder ... What it must be like for a woman built with some of the largest breasts in the world?

Here you have a woman, with a brain - thoughts and emotions; dreams and desires - the same as all of us. But when men look at her their hormones become enraged and they stop thinking with their heads. Women who spot her have their jealousy disguised as disgust. Think of the last time you had a good conversation with one of your friends. Now imagine that person was merely amusing you, and didn't give a shit about what you had to say because the only thing that was on their mind was holding one of your body parts in their hands.

Out in public, cars honk, men holler and approach you with blunt and rude remarks. None of them care about what you do for a living, or perhaps that you are a very giving and helpful person to others. Let's say you just recovered from a potentially deadly disease ... Doesn't matter, just put you boobs in my mouth. In the end, to a great deal of men, she is merely the carrier of her tremendously huge boobs.

I sympathize with the plight of the immensely busty. Fortunately for her (and us) Abbi Secraa has embraced her natural wonders and decided to take our money for the privilege of seeing what busty, all-natural huge boobs look like. But that doesn't change the fact that I know some fantastic, average-looking people who contribute a lot to this world. If they came in the body of someone like Abbi Secraa, everything they do that is so fantastic, would be minimized and even ignored for that sake of how their body developed.

...Just something to think about! But now back to listening to my hormones!

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Friday, May 6, 2016 at 8:54 AM
It sounds as a woman with exeptional boobs shouldn't be allowed to be proud, and men should be ashamed because they like something that was given by nature?!?

This is quite fucked up ...

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